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My mission in life is to empower women, providing them with the confidence and the know-how to succeed in all aspects of their lives.


Professional life

My passion, drive and entrepreneurial skills are renowned in several industry sectors. I have run successful Public Relations, Marketing and Communications businesses for over 25 years. I am also recognised for my charity work and for my consultancies with the horseracing industry.


Personal Life

I am the third generation of a prominent horseracing family and I have loved the sport since I was 6 years old. My Irish heritage no doubt contributed to my great appreciation of the magnificence of all horses, in particular thoroughbreds. They make my heart sing whenever I am on a racetrack and see and hear them thundering past.

My adored father, Tony McSweeney, always told me, “Look your best and do your best”. I have long held his advice close to my heart and believe it underlies everything I have achieved. I have also inherited from both my parents their joie de vivre. I keep my heart open and enjoy life, from the simplest pleasures to the grandest occasions.

I have experienced unhappiness, I have gone through two divorces and very challenging times, but I have so much happiness in my life. I have my beautiful daughter, Juliet Love and my two amazing grandsons, 4 ½ year old Leo Valentine Albone and 2 ½ year old Hartford Colin Albone. I am also blessed with a talented, wonderful, son-in-law, Charlie Albone.

As the famous female French novelist, George Sand, who had to use a male pseudonym to have her work accepted, remarked, “There is only one truth in life; to love and be loved”.

I am very spiritual and I have always felt the guidance of God’s Angels in my life. Of course, my favourite “earth angel” is my little mate, my black Cavoodle, Oskar. He is so identifiable as my constant companion that if I arrive without him, people will ask, “Where’s Oskar?”


My Mission

My greatest wish is to leave a lasting legacy to women, to truly believe in their own greatness and wisdom. I wish to pass on the skills and knowledge I have learnt from my varied experiences, both in my business and personal life. These attributes have given me the strength to endure and triumph through all of life’s ups and downs.


Summary of my advice

  • Self-awareness: Be true to yourself whilst keeping an open heart.
  • Respect: Always respect yourself and earn the respect of others and use it to make a difference.
  • Social Etiquette: Good manners take you everywhere and leave a lasting impression.
  • Self-Presentation: Present yourself in the best possible manner, in terms of appearance and behaviour.
  • Individual Style: Develop your own chic, fashion and style savvy.
  • Travel is education: Absorb and learn from all travel experiences.
  • PR: Understand the power of public relations and networking.
  • Difference is important: Embrace the differences in everyone and become a better human being.